Real Estate Licensing Changes for Nevada in 2021

When you choose to begin your career matters. Currently in the state of Nevada, for example, current licensing requirements mandate passing a 90-hour course from an accredited school, passing a background and fingerprint check, and taking the Nevada Real Estate exam but these rules are changing in October of this year..  

More Class Time is Required in October 2021

If you submit your application on or after October 1, the course requirement jumps to 120 hours–a 25% increase in class time for prospective agents. What this means in real time is that your pre-licensing classes will either require longer class days or another couple of weeks in class, so you need to plan accordingly if you’re thinking of putting your class time in later this summer. 

What You’ll Need For the Real Estate Exam and License in Nevada

The remaining components of Nevada real estate licensing requirements aren’t changing. Here are the forms and licensing information you’ll need to  take the state exam for your broker’s license now and after the October changes. 


The state of Nevada requires that you fill out the Real Estate License Checklist and Application, Form 549, prior to taking the exam. The application verifies that you are qualified through education and character to obtain a real estate license. It’s a detailed form that will take a while to complete, so allow yourself enough time to do so properly. This form will also need to be signed by your employing broker.

Fingerprint Cards 

Being a real estate agent is one that demands a great deal of trust–after all, you have the freedom to enter people’s homes at will. In light of this, you will need to get your fingerprints taken for a background check. You’ll submit either a fingerprint card and certified funds for $40.25 to the Department of Public Safety, or a verification form from an approved Fingerprint Vendor

Education Requirements Through September 30, 2021

You’ll need proof–Certificate of Completion–that you completed the required 90 hours of pre-licensing from an accredited Nevada real estate school.  The transcripts or certifications will document that you have successfully completed the 90 hours, broken down into the following categories. 

  • Real Estate Principles– 45 hours or 3 college credits
  • Real Estate Law–45 hours or 3 college credits, which must include an 18-hour section on Nevada-specific law

Pearson Vue Exam Service

You will also need to take the state licensing exam. You can schedule your testing online through Pearson Vue exam services. Create an account to register for the test and find testing centers and available dates near you. You can choose the date and site that best suits you. 

Submitting your Application

After you’ve passed your exam, you must submit all of the required documents listed on the Licensing Application along with the application fees.

Coursework Changes For Licensing

As of October of this year, the state Real Estate Division is adding two sections totaling an additional 30 hours each to the classroom requirement. Along with the hours in Real Estate Principles and Real Estate Law, they have added Contracts and Agency. 

Start Your Pre-Licensing Classes Now

At Century 21 Americana Real Estate School, you can register for your pre-licensing classes. You have one year to complete the coursework, but if you start the classes in the next few months you can be licensed with the current 90 hours. Our classes are a unique blend of daily virtual instruction with an equal amount of self-scheduled time for reading, quizzes, and study. If you feel like you missed something in one of your classes, you are welcome to revisit that topic in another class any time in the twelve-month period from your registration date. 

If you think a career in real estate is for you, now really is the time to start with pre-licensing classes.

Juan Martinez