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Ameriana Real Estate School was founded by the dynamic partnership of Juan and Elizabeth Martinez. Their vision was born out of a shared commitment to elevate the real estate industry by offering high-quality pre-licensing education and comprehensive training to aspiring agents.

With over two decades of experience in real estate, Americana not only prepares individuals for licensing, but equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this competitive real estate field.

If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding real estate journey, take the first step with Americana Real Estate School. Register now and let us help you build the foundation for a successful career in real estate.

Your path to excellence starts here.

Our Journey

Our journey began with the realization that change was necessary. After years of engaging with other educational institutions without achieving the desired impact, we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands—and Americana Real Estate School was born.

From its inception, our school has been designed to offer students a unique and transformative experience. We take pride in our ability to control critical aspects, such as the learning environment’s professionalism, instructor quality, and overall culture. Our fundamental principle is to provide students with an honest and unfiltered introduction to the real estate business—a world where dedication and hard work are paramount.

Our commitment to candor and integrity has yielded impressive results. A majority of our students choose to continue their journey with us by joining our brokerage. These individuals embody the work ethic, desire for success, and the Americana Way, which invariably lead to remarkable achievements.

Our story is defined by the impact we make on the lives of our students and the real estate industry as a whole. At Americana Real Estate School, we proudly continue to shape the future of real estate professionals through our unwavering dedication to excellence, transparency, and empowerment.

Our Core Values & Mission

At Americana Real Estate School, we live and breathe our core values and mission statement, which resonate not only with our real estate company, but also with all the brands under our banner.

Here’s a closer look at how our mission applies specifically to Americana Real Estate School:

Our Core Focus

Our overarching mission is to develop professional, productive, and profitable salespeople. We’ve honed our expertise in residential real estate and share an ambitious 10-year target to surpass the competition and secure the number one market share.

Our Purpose

In our industry, we’ve encountered countless individuals looking to break free from the habits they’ve developed over the years. We’ve found that all it takes is a strong desire to succeed and the work ethic to match. When individuals embrace our Americana way, incredible success becomes achievable.

Notable individuals like Nora Aguirre have achieved impressive results by following our approach.

Our Team

At Americana Real Estate School, we are driven by a team that is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of successful real estate professionals. In doing so, we take pride in upholding the highest standards of conduct, ethics, and expertise. This commitment to professionalism extends to every aspect of our training, ensuring that our students are well-prepared to excel in the industry.

Join us at Americana Real Estate School, where our experienced, hardworking, and professional team is dedicated to shaping your journey to real estate success.

Why Americana Real Estate School?

At Americana Real Estate School, we take immense pride in our commitment to nurturing the success of our students from the very start. While we’re aware of our competitors, we firmly believe that the moment students register and invest in their education with us, they are choosing a pathway to enduring success.

Our approach to education is marked by an unwavering dedication to ensuring our students not only succeed, but thrive in the real estate industry. We firmly believe that success is not merely about passing a test; it’s about preparing individuals for a flourishing career. Unlike some competitors, who may focus solely on enrollment numbers, we prioritize the long-term outcomes of all of our students.dents to rise to new heights and achieve their dreams.

Our distinguished learning environment is a testament to our commitment. From the moment students step into our well-appointed facilities, they experience an atmosphere of professionalism and excellence. Our staff, clad in business casual attire, reflects our dedication to upholding high standards, inspiring students to elevate their own expectations.

The decision to join Americana Real Estate School isn’t just about pricing; it’s about investing in a future filled with opportunities for success and financial growth. We understand that the first impression matters, and we are proud to set a standard that encourages our students to rise to new heights and achieve their dreams.

Juan Martinez


Juan Martinez, President of Century 21 Americana, is a seasoned leader in real estate. With a career marked by excellence, he rose from a successful agent, closing 4,000 transactions and earning $16 million in commissions, to lead the top Century 21 firm in the southwest region. Under his guidance, Century 21 Americana received numerous awards and trained hundreds of agents who now earn over $100,000 annually.

Juan is driven to create an innovative company dedicated to training superstar agents for six-figure incomes. His relentless pursuit of success, encapsulated in his motto “Hard Work … More Money,” propels him and his team to reach their full potential daily. He’s also the force behind the Comprehensive Sales Training program at Century 21 Americana, personally leading daily training sessions.

Juan’s expertise has grown through two decades of mentorship by Mike Ferry, a leading sales trainer in the industry. Under his leadership, Americana Enterprise has expanded, encompassing Century 21 Americana, Americana Home Loans, Americana Property Management, and Americana Real Estate School.

juan martinez of century 21 americana

Elizabeth Martinez

Director of Education/Co-Founder

Elizabeth Martinez, co-founder and co-owner of CENTURY 21 Americana and Director of Education for CENTURY 21 Americana Real Estate School, boasts over two decades of real estate expertise. Alongside her husband Juan Martinez, she established the company in 2003.

Elizabeth played a pivotal role in the company’s growth, managing operations, overseeing a team of 20 assistants, and successfully handling thousands of transactions. She also led training efforts for sales executives, fostering their growth. In 2017, her passion led to the founding of the company’s real estate school, where she serves as President and Director of Education, ensuring top-tier instruction.

With a real estate journey that began in 1999 as a single mother, Elizabeth’s temporary job transformed into a fulfilling career. Today, she oversees 450 sales executives in Nevada and Arizona. 


Where is Americana Real Estate School located?

4040 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 130
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Eastern & Flamingo

Are there any requirements for enrolling in Americana Real Estate School?

To enroll in our programs, you must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid social security number or tax ID. Additionally, a passion for real estate and a commitment to success are highly recommended.

Can I take courses at Americana Real Estate School if I’m looking to switch careers and explore real estate as a new path?

Yes! Our programs are open to individuals from various backgrounds, including those looking to transition into a rewarding career in real estate. Our training is designed to provide a strong foundation for newcomers in the industry.

Michael SadlerMichael Sadler
15:11 30 Jan 24
Leidy TejedaLeidy Tejeda
16:18 04 Jan 24
Great experience, Highly recommended
15:07 01 Jan 24
Mis. Charlotte is amazing she is very knowledgeable, she maintains the class on schedule, she has a voice that keeps you in the subject at hand. Her carisma and personality keep order in class. I was able to understand the material she was getting across in every chapter of the book. The school is amazing I would definitely recommend this school and teacher to anyone who wants to star a new chapter inn their life in the real state World
Lazaro GarciaLazaro Garcia
19:19 27 Dec 23
Great teacher.
Elise HamiltonElise Hamilton
02:36 08 Dec 23
I wish they focused more on actual test questions. That would be helpful.
Candy CCandy C
15:19 06 Oct 23
The school was amazing! I was skeptical of picking the right Real Estate School and so happy I choose Century 21 Americana Real Estate School. Charlotte is a great instructor! The admin and whole staff are very helpful and friendly! You will learn alot in that one month period and they will help you prepare for your license exam as well! I highly recommend this school if you want to get into Real Estate industry.
Charlotte FenderCharlotte Fender
21:24 01 Oct 23
I enjoyed doing the class very much. Our instructor, Charlotte, covered so many important areas of Real Estate in a comfortable, concise and useful way. Everyone I worked with at the Century 21 Real Estate school was very efficient and very nice to work with.Thank you all!Best wishes, Charlotte Clare Murawski
Liset borgesLiset borges
00:13 01 Oct 23
I just want to say thank Ms. Charlotte Bfully, it was 4 weeks of learning with her very dynamic help, always with a smile and patience for each of the questions we asked her, she is a person who gives herself and does everything possible to convey their knowledge and that their experiences in this industry reach us, making it easy for those who listen. Many thanks to the entire team that works to make our dream come true.
Antonela TanoniAntonela Tanoni
18:44 30 Sep 23
Pouya ShojaeiPouya Shojaei
16:12 30 Sep 23
The instructor was very friendly and helpful. The administrative team was so responsive. The entire team is willing to help you kick off your real estate career.
Jessica HillmanJessica Hillman
03:01 30 Sep 23
This was a very fast paced and educational class. I feel like they prepare you for what you need to know to get started in the industry. They go over multiple times what steps you need to take in order to be successful. If you are a quick learner and retain information as it's being said to you this class is perfect. I also like that they give you a year from your registration date to drop in to their online classes if you need a refresher. The class itself was very affordable and was easy to fit into my busy lifestyle.
Cindy KurtzCindy Kurtz
20:07 02 Sep 23
I really enjoyed my classes, the instructor Charlotte Bently, was very informative, and easy to understand. She always had time for questions from the classroom and online. Its been many years since I have been in a class and she made if seem effortless. Also the active Monday Q & A with Elizabeth Martinez was extremely helpful! I highly recommend Century 21 Americana for classes. They have an entire team that is ready to help.
Ernesto ValienteErnesto Valiente
16:52 29 Aug 23
Awesome school. A great place to learn how to pass the Real Estate Exam. I was given the option to attend class in person, review the information online, and take prep tests online, as often as needed to prepare for the test. They actually guaranteed that I would pass the state and national exams.


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Las Vegas, NV 89119

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