Give the Gift of a Real Estate Career This Holiday Season [Online in 2022]

Here’s an idea for your holiday stocking–how about a real estate license? Real estate school is truly the gift that keeps on giving, whether it’s for yourself, a family member, or friend. For a small investment, a real estate license opens up the possibilities of a secondary income stream, or even a whole new career.  […]

What do Rising Home Prices Mean for Real Estate Agents?

The Southern Nevada housing market is so hot that it’s smoking, and with good reason. Mortgage rates are hovering near rock bottom, so people can lock in those low monthly payments, stretch their budgets, and increase their ability to get into their dream homes. The coronavirus pandemic has also impacted home buying and selling across […]

Real Estate Licensing Changes for Nevada in 2021

When you choose to begin your career matters. Currently in the state of Nevada, for example, current licensing requirements mandate passing a 90-hour course from an accredited school, passing a background and fingerprint check, and taking the Nevada Real Estate exam but these rules are changing in October of this year..   More Class Time is […]

What to Expect as a Real Estate Agent in 2021

The year 2020 was highly unusual, especially for the real estate industry. Here at Century 21 Americana, we had a series of predictions for how the year would turn out. The market in 2020 exceeded even our wildest predictions  In 2021, we expect even more changes and developments in the industry. Due to the pandemic, […]

Can You Be a Successful Real Estate Agent in a Seller’s Market?

In many areas of the country, real estate agents are noticing a similar trend: it’s a seller’s market. Buyers are moving out of big cities. They have increased interest in vacation homes, where they can vacation with their families while controlling exposure to other people. They’re considering the amenities they really want if they’re stuck […]

Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Elko, Nevada

Elko is a unique and lovely place. A city of about 20,000 people, it straddles the Humboldt River and is on I90, about halfway between Salt Lake City and Reno. The seat of Elko County, it is a unique place, mostly due to its continuing reliance on gold and silver mining. This results in a […]

Have Some Extra Free Time? Start a Career in Real Estate!

Events in recent months and weeks have caused quite an unexpected disruption in the lives of many across the U.S. and the world. However, these unexpected disruptions have also gifted many people some much-needed extra time and opportunity to learn and adapt to the changing circumstances that surround them. Now is the perfect chance to […]

8 Things You Need to Know About the Area Before Showing a Property

The primary goal of a buyer’s real estate agent is to match-make buyers to houses they will love. Of course, a good match isn’t just about the house. Your buyers will also become part of the local neighborhood and the area will become the environment that surrounds their home. Even if the house is perfect, […]

7 Reasons Why You Need to Know a Property’s Downsides… Before You Show It!

When considering a property, of course you want to focus on the positives. Yet you can’t put on blinders and ignore a property’s downsides. It’s essential to be prepared with the facts, so you can be ready to address any potential issues before showing a property to potential buyers. It’s of utmost importance that you analyze the […]

4 Tips to Reach Out-of-State or Remote Prospective Home Owners

You might feel relatively powerless when it comes down to attracting out-of-state or remote prospective home buyers. They might seem like they’re out of reach – an “unknowable” audience. Yet it’s entirely possible to reach this remote audience… using the remote tools you have at your disposal. Take advantage of these tips, and soon your […]