Have Some Extra Free Time? Start a Career in Real Estate!

Events in recent months and weeks have caused quite an unexpected disruption in the lives of many across the U.S. and the world. However, these unexpected disruptions have also gifted many people some much-needed extra time and opportunity to learn and adapt to the changing circumstances that surround them. Now is the perfect chance to reevaluate your career and income earning capabilities. Consider expanding your career options and beginning a career in real estate. Take your first step towards a future with endless possibilities by enrolling in an online real estate school that can prepare you for a successful real estate career.

The Convenience & Flexibility of Online Real Estate School

At Century 21 Americana Real Estate School we can help guide you through the process of attaining a real estate license beginning with our 90-Hour Nevada Pre-Licensing Course which is the first requirement on your path to becoming a licensed real estate agent. We understand the challenges that we are facing as a society and the importance of trying our best to remain safe while still fulfilling the needs of our students.  Century 21 Americana Real Estate School now offers live online classes to accommodate the different needs of individuals interested in pursuing a career in real estate.

Our live online class allows you to complete the demands of the 90-hour Nevada Pre-Licensing Course from the location of your choosing. The pandemic has caused plenty of hardship but has also given many individuals the unexpected gift of extra free time. Take advantage of this additional time to learn something new and in turn open the doors to new opportunities. Our class is designed to be completed within a 3-week period, so you can start your real estate career sooner rather than later.

Requirements to Become a Real Estate Agent in the State of Nevada

In the State of Nevada, there are several requirements to becoming a licensed real estate salesperson the first of which is the successful completion of a 90-Hour Nevada Pre-Licensing Course provided by an accredited real estate school such as Century 21 Americana Real Estate School.

Additional requirements for obtaining a real estate license include:

  1. Must pass both state and national real estate exams at Pearson Vue.
  2. Must get fingerprints.
  3. Must find your broker and apply for your real estate license. Our team can guide you towards opportunities to interview and tour with various brokerages.

For more information, see are article on what it takes to become a real estate agent in Nevada

Is a Real Estate Career Right for You?

When considering the beginning of a real estate career many individuals will be at different levels of commitment and interest as far as their future career path. Real estate is an inherently flexible career allowing real estate agents to work according to their personal goals and needs. If you are a self-motivated individual with a passion to learn and succeed you can create your own destiny with a career in real estate.

Benefits of Starting a Career in Real Estate

  • You are In Control of Your Success — If you have dreamt of being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and determining your own success real estate offers you those opportunities and more. As a real estate agent, you get what you put in, you have the ability to determine how much or how little you will make depends on your investment of time and dedication to market yourself, gain clients, and further your career.
  • Fulfilling Career Path — Buying a first home, new home, or vacation property is an exciting and monumental occasion for those individuals and families making real estate purchases. As a real estate agent, you will be a integral part of that process helping them achieve some of the biggest dreams and goals in their lives. Real estate can be a very fulfilling and rewarding career where you will truly feel that you are making an impact in the lives of those you serve.
  • Diversify Your Income Sources — In light of recent events and the impact, this pandemic has had on individuals across all sectors and industries it has become apparent that when it comes to your income, the more sources the better. A career in real estate can give you an opportunity to earn additional income and provide you with options now and in the future.
  • Flexibility — Real estate is a flexible career choice. You can invest yourself full time into developing your new career, building your network, and growing your income and success or you can begin building your career methodically and with purpose alongside your current job.

Whether you are changing careers or looking for a way to make supplemental income investing in yourself and taking the initiative to begin your career in real estate is the beginning of your path to success.

At Century 21 Americana Real Estate School we can help you achieve your dreams. Take advantage of our limited-time discounted offer on our live online real estate classes. For the month of May 2024, our $395 regularly priced 90-Hour Nevada Pre-Licensing Course is being drastically discounted to only $295. This is an opportunity to learn from the top-rated real estate school in the State of Nevada and begin your career in real estate.

Select your start date and register to begin your real estate classes with Century 21 Americana Real Estate School.

Juan Martinez