How Can You Get Real Estate Leads in Las Vegas?

If you’re considering a career as a real estate agent, you may be enthusiastic about setting your own schedule, interacting with lots of different people as they search for the right home or commercial building, and having few limits on your potential income. There’s only one problem: You’re just not sure how you can get clients with little or no experience.

There are actually thousands of potential clients in the Las Vegas area. Last year, the area was one of the hottest housing markets in the entire country. But in 2019, the number of homes on the market without offers has increased, indicating that fewer properties are changing hands. How can you make sure you get enough leads to push forward a worthwhile career, while at the same time, making sure the homes you do list get buyers in a short period of time?

Getting Real Estate Leads

One of the keys to getting leads and establishing yourself as a successful real estate agent is to work with a supportive broker. The right team provides you with the resources you need to increase your leads by helping you learn about marketing and how to do it right in the Las Vegas market.

Setting Yourself Up Right

When you begin your real estate career, there are steps you can take to get off on the right foot.

Interviewing your real estate broker.

Most brokers have a process for “onboarding” or establishing you as part of the team. These are often geared toward getting you settled into your space, helping you find tools that will help you sell and promote yourself and encouraging you to get your first sale. But you may be able to go one step further and learn more than you would otherwise by setting up a short interview with your senior broker. Ask him or her about how they got started, what advice they would give you and how to be most effective. This helps you create a good relationship and can give you valuable insight into your new career. Afterward, thank your broker for his or her time with a gift card to a local restaurant or other token of your appreciation.

Making the right connections.

An important key to success is meeting the right people. Get involved with community groups, business networking organizations and real estate-related teams to help you form partnerships with insurance company agents and title company professionals that you’ll need to work closely with. It can also be beneficial to find cleaners, landscapers and staging professionals who can take nearly any property and whip it into showable shape, even before you have a property on the market.

Finding a niche for yourself.

As you get started with real estate, you might find there are certain types of properties you like working with. Maybe you prefer historic houses, or those in a particular neighborhood. Learn more about how to find out what you prefer and make yourself the expert at that type of residential or commercial property.

Remember that you can always make changes. If you don’t like the niche you’ve established for yourself, it’s possible to move to a different specialty. But buyers and sellers like working with someone who’s made a name for him or herself as a specialist, rather than a mediocre jack-of-all-trades.

Establishing the Best Processes

Following through on leads.

Would you believe that there are many agents out there who simply don’t follow through on potential leads? If you learn about someone searching for an agent, take the time to give them a call or connect.

The biggest problem with following through, though, is that you may not connect right away. Many real estate professionals are guilty of dropping the ball, afraid of being overly eager or annoying. But sales pros know that it can take as many as 18 calls to connect with a buyer. As a real estate agent, you may find that it will take several calls or emails to touch base with a lead — but the most successful agents remain polite and persistent.

Setting up a sales process.

A set sales process that includes specific steps for responding to leads and following through can help you keep you on track and will prevent lost or dropped leads. It will also let you see at a glance what communication you’ve already had with a potential lead.

Reaching out regularly.

Smart real estate agents keep good records on their leads and potential buyers or sellers so they can re-connect on a regular basis and determine if their services might be needed in the near future. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is key to making this work with minimal hassle. Your broker can recommend software that he or she finds valuable or that is widely used in your office.

Once you have a software tool, it’s important to use it regularly. Even the best CRM option won’t have value unless you maintain it and add to it.

Promoting Yourself

Advertising in the right places.

Where are your potential clients looking? They might be found on local websites, especially those that focus on community activities, moving to the community or getting services in the local area. You will also learn about when it makes sense to run print advertisements, send postcards and run ads through Google or other popular search engines.

Using social media.

Through LinkedIn groups, Facebook ads and the occasional Tweet, you may be able to find and connect with potential buyers or sellers. Offer your assistance with questions and be a resource for those looking for help with their homes. You may find they remember you when they decide to put their home on the market.

Finding the Right Real Estate Team in Las Vegas

If you are self-motivated, the right team can make a huge difference in your ability to succeed. Century 21 Americana brokers can help you hit the ground running after real estate school with help on getting leads, establishing relationships and assisting your buyers and sellers with all their needs throughout the residential or commercial real estate sales process.

If you’re looking to start your real estate career, Century 21 Americana is a great place to get started the right way. Contact us today at (702) 296-9998 for more information about our informative classes that cover all of Nevada’s requirements, help you make sales and get you on the road to success.

Juan Martinez